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miha bodytec GmbH - Premium Partner NEOS AWARD miha bodytec is the leading company in the field of EMS training (electrical muscle stimulation). miha bodytec offers an extremely effective and time saving method of training for the whole body.
PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER CLUB The PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER CLUB stands for professional training and an all-round approach to health and fitness support with the very highest standards – for mind, body and soul. We set the quality standards for our industry and provide our clients, business partners and colleagues with reliable decision-making aids.

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Trainer Trainer – the continued professional development magazine for all instructors, presents, trainers and fitness studio area managers. You can find out more about the fitness market, the field of group fitness, strength and cardio training, functional training, personal training, training science, nutritional science and the route to professional success.
Men's Health Men's Health – magazine for men. Men who are not satisfied with mediocrity and strive to better themselves. Professionally, with their relationships and their health. And most importantly with sport and fitness training.


Gut Hermannsberg Gut Hermannsberg The local Riesling vineyard. 30 hectares of exclusive top-quality grounds. Within just a few years, Karsten Peter, “Most Promising Wine Grower of the Year 2013”, has led the large vineyard back to the top of the market. Last year he was awarded the fourth Grape for his fascinatingly expressive Riesling varieties. Robert Parker reviewed the 2011 Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube Riesling Auslese with a phenomenal 94 points out of 100. This makes the wine one of the highest-rating German wines in 2013.
RACHUI-DESIGN.COM Behind this company is Uwe Rachui, who has over 19 years of industry experience as a trainer, marketing consultant and graphic designer for health and fitness industry professionals. Strategic partner of the PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER CLUB since 2005.
Personal Fitness More than 400 personal trainers from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland have already set up their profile on Alongside regional searches to find the perfect trainer, also offers plenty of practical training advice, fitness plans for businesses and training opportunities.
medo.check medo.check® software for professional training management can be adapted to suit your way of working and supports you through all service processes. Individual demands require individual solutions.
Atrium Hotel Atmosphere, charm and professional hospitality are reflected in a completely compelling manner at the largest owner-operated private hotel in the Rhineland-Palatinate and the Rhine-Main region. A member of the four-star superior category, the Atrium Hotel Mainz is one of the most highly-decorated hotels in all of Germany.
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