Andrea Burke Olympic gold medallist, world champion and personal trainer

Andrea Burke finished a very long and successful career as a professional biathlete in 2014. She has competed in four Olympic Games and 12 world championships. She is a two-time Olympic gold medallist and eight-time world champion. As a personal trainer, Andrea Henkel wants to help her clients experience the joy of movement and the positive feeling of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Kirsten Dehmer Managing Director of
fitforfacts GmbH

Kirsten Dehmer is a sports therapist and has worked as a personal trainer for many years. With her company, fitforfacts, she uses anonymous testing to investigate the quality of service within the health and fitness industry.

Edgar Itt Speaker

As a medallist at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Edgar Itt is a role model, trainer, consultant and motivator all rolled into one. He works as a personal trainer and coach and is considered to be one of the most influential motivational trainers of our time.

Eginhard Kiess Managing Director of the PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER CLUB

Eginhard Kiess has worked as a full-time personal trainer for over 20 years. He is the founder of the NEOS AWARD, a business coach for the personal training industry and works with the quality label PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER to develop the highest global standard of quality for the personal training industry.

Anja Kursawe NEOS AWARD winner 2017, personal trainer & yoga teacher

The much traveled Berliner, acrobat and stage dancer has been engaged in movement since her childhood. In 1995 she founded the pilateslab-berlin, a studio for intelligent training and education. Their method developed over many years is based on the basic principles and philosophies of Pilates, Yoga and Shiatsu - but goes far beyond that.

Britta Poetzsch Chief Creative Officer bei TRACK, Hamburg

Britta Poetzsch is a member of the executive board for the Art Directors Club (ADC) Germany and is one of the best known figures in the German communications business. She has been represented on a diverse range of national and international creative juries, e.g. in Cannes, ADC Germany, ADC Europe and for the German Advertising Film Prize. As a presenter, she also hosts the ADC awards show and the Night of Honour.

Cyrus A. Rahman Founder of

Cyrus A. Rahmann is the founder of and has worked as a personal trainer for many years. In addition to this, he is also a member of the board of directors for the German Association for Personal Training and has worked as an instructor for personal trainers at the Meridian Academy Hamburg since 1999.

Alexander von Hausen NEOS AWARD winner 2017, PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER

Alexander von Hausen was a member of the national team in the military pentathlon (CIOR) and WM participants. In addition to sports science in Leipzig, he studied a variety of movement and treatment methods in Asia, including TCM in China. Influenced by the applied kinesiology and the view of the 5 phases of transformation, he combines Eastern and Western knowledge about health and systemic relationships. Alexander has been training personal trainers for many years..

Arndt Ziegler Fitness-Director of Men’s Health

Arndt Ziegler is the fitness director of Men's Health, Germany's largest fitness and lifestyle magazine. He is a former performance swimmer and sports scientist. As a Functional Training Coach and Trainer, he can best assess the skills and requirements of personal trainers.